Refill - Classic Bracelets

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Engrave your own MyIntent Bracelet to activate people's intentions.

The token of each bracelet is blank on the front side for you to engrave the word of intent. The back side of the token comes pre-engraved with MyIntent branding for authenticity.

The string is made of waxed nylon and has a slight shine. The token is made of Brass or plated Nickel.

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  • Brass token: Brass only
  • Nickel token: Brass plated with Nickel
  • Black token: Brass plated with Black Nickel
  • Silver Plated token: Brass plated with Silver
  • Gold Plated token: Brass plated with Gold



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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Tiffany Salisbury
Great and Simple

Simple and easy to stamp and give. The black and nickel has been really popular!

Wendy P
MyIntent Bracelets

Overall, we really loved the project beginning with the process of deep thought and conversation to determine our word. We found lining up the letters to be a bit difficult so there was some trial and error. Luckily, they give you practice tokens included with the pack, so we were able to hone our skill before making our bracelets.
Lots of fun and I highly recommend as a group project!

Maggie Sawada
Love this as a staff appreciation gift

We have utilized these bracelets as a staff appreciation gift several times over the past several years. We have created an activity, where we gather everyone’s words, make the bracelets for them, and then - we draw a random bracelet, have that person come up and share why they chose that word - then that person picks another bracelet and puts in on the next person…. we carry that out until all bracelets have been given - it’s a way of connecting our entire staff one by one. It’s really a beautiful tradition and we love these bracelets for that purpose.

It’s also really special to be the person making the bracelets. For each person, I look at the word and then think of all that person has done for our staff with each letter that I stamp. I also share this with my staff to let them know just how meaningful the process is for me as a supervisor. 🥰

Marilyn T. Lopez
Lifeline circle

Our neighborhood circle of 15 each got a bracelet with “lifeline” hammered on it made by me as we all got together outdoors, masked and 6 feet apart during the Covid pandemic…keeping up support for one another.

Jacqlyn Stein
My Intent bracelets have been AWESOME!

I have had My Intent bracelets before (first Tom in 2016) and I wrote it 24/7 for about a year until it broke. I saw the option to make them available to my team. We did the word choice exercise and each person choose their word. I made each of them a bracelet, concentrating on each letter and word as them. It was very moving for me, bite even more so for my team when each person received theirs in the mail.
I'm going to do them for my family next!

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