Refill - Adjustable Necklaces

$ 79.00

These refill set of Adjustable Necklaces with blank tokens allows you to activate other's intentions by hand engraving the WORD yourself onto the blank front side of the token! The back side of each token is branded with MyIntent branding for authenticity.

These classic yet versatile unisex necklaces are fully adjustable to add flair to any look! These 24" handwoven necklaces with adjustable knot are made of black waxed nylon with a slight shine. Adjust the necklace by simply pulling the strings to your desired length. Necklace can be worn at full length or even as a choker for an edgy look.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Veitch
Breath of fresh air!

Recently I ordered necklaces for an event, unfortunately I received bracelets just a couple of days before the party! After a quick email and photo exchange, your company sent out my necklaces immediately with no hassle and no fuss--what a relief! The folks whom the necklaces were for LOVED them! Thank you for taking care to take care of me, I really appreciate it!

Love the Adjustable Necklaces

I just love these. I cannot wait to to stamp two to wear together at different lengths. They slide easily and the tokens are centered.

Cheri Ruskus
A great way to thank people

I got the intent bracelets for my business coaching clients last year and they loved them. This year we are doing the necklaces to share their word of the year. Loving the rose gold.

Susanna Fulton
Fun learning process!

I’m a beginner, but so excited for what I can create. I’m having fun just trying to make words straight and look great! Thanks My Intent!

Ruth Hayner

I just received another packet plus ordered some more necklaces. I am just beginning to start a project. I see so many creative projects made on the site.

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