Maker Tool - Symbol & Number Stamps

$ 35

Premium Symbol & Number Stamps set including Numbers, Punctuation and Symbols. (Note: the number 6 and 9 are the same stamp to make a 9, use the 6 upside down).

The Set of 36 Stamps comes in an updated divider case for better organization and comes with 10 new symbols including a paw print, infinity, sun, smiley, peace, moon, musical note, fire, flower, and anchor.

If you would like to purchase the Maker Kit, which includes everything you need to begin creating intention items, click here.


Customer Reviews:

 "The numbers and symbols are a must-have for your MyIntent kit - to me they round out your options of how you can create the most customized and meaningful Word." - Angie

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Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Love them

Great assortment of shapes! Love every thing I've ordered from you!

Family First

With a large family (10 siblings to start with) it will be fun and challenging to (“word”) each member. Super great ideas in mind. They will all love it!


My vocation is a nurse, but my avocation is as a Geocacher! Geocaching is using multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods. I didn't make that up, but I like to repeat it. In the Tupperware, we like to leave "swag", and I decided that I would start making stamped metal key chains to leave behind. Once I start something, I usually get obsessed pretty quickly, so I bought blanks and key chains and a hammer and stampers for letters then stampers for numbers then stampers for symbols, etc. I love these stampers more than some of the other ones I've bought because they have the markings on the side to make it easier to see what I'm doing when I set them down. They also leave a nice, crisp mark on the blanks. And the best part is that once people have received them, they've messaged me to thank me, so I know they are being enjoyed! I'm keep adding to my supplies as I need to!


I love my kit im getting better at it i love making braclets for my friends and family


I have been relying on my "word"(s) to get me through these difficult times. My mother shared some of her struggles with me so we immediately made her a bracelet too. She hasn't taken it off since!

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