Custom Bead Necklace

$ 27.00

Add just the right amount of flair to your WORD with this Bead Necklace.

This 24" long bead style chain necklace compliments your style with three color choices – gold, silver, and black.

Tokens are hand-stamped with your custom word on the front and are engraved with MyIntent branding on the back for authenticity.

All of these metal chains are made of Brass (gold color). The silver and black versions are plated nickel (silver color) and plated black nickel (black color). Matching tokens are brass, nickel plated, or black nickel plated corresponding to the chain color.

All custom necklaces come attached to an artisan card signed by the artisan who handstamped your bracelet and in a MyIntent pouch. 

The message you enter above will be printed on your invoice as a reminder of why you chose your WORD and is a great way to send a personalized message if the bracelet is a gift.

Please note: The non-plated brass chain and token are raw brass, they are not electroplated, and will develop a beautiful, antique-looking patina over time. If you prefer a shiny look, the brass tokens can be easily polished to become shiny again using one of many brass cleaners and a soft cloth. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews

I love that I can put the necklace on over my head. It could even be a bit longer but I am loving it! Thanks!

Zaira Cendros

I'm enjoying wearing my necklace with my two words heal and restore. It blends well with my outfits and it serves as a daily reminder of what I feel is manifesting in my life. I've become so accustomed to wearing it that I feel something is missing if I leave it home. The design of the necklace blends well with most of my earrings too!

Denise Walsh
Such a great gift!

I bought a few of the necklaces as a gift for friends, and they loved them! Super fun, thoughtful, and personalized.

Yolonda Williams
They Loved it

I got these for my sisters for Mother's Day and they absolutely loved them.

Kaycee W.
Slight hiccup in the beginning.

I ordered the beaded necklace, and when my package finally came in I received a bracelet. Like I said... slight hiccup there. It was quickly remedied and I was sent the necklace which was exactly what I hoped it would be. It's a long chain, and I like that because it makes it easier for my necklace meaning to be kept private. The chain is delicate yet sturdy, and the coin looks great. Despite the hiccup, I am overall very, very happy with my purchase.

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