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Wedding testimonials

I bought bracelets for my bridesmaids to ask them to be a part of my wedding. I was able to individualize the bracelets, to pick a virtue that symbolized what I valued most from our friendship. They loved them! - Sara

INTENTION was the theme of our wedding, and how we live our lives, we purchased these bracelets for ourselves & our wedding party. - Wendell

My wife and I started buying a lot of these bracelets for friends’ weddings and eventually decided to buy the kit. We couldn't be more pleased. So much more personal to say we made it! Easy and quick - took 2-3 minutes to make one the first time. - John

I got these for a bride, groom, and maid of honor. The bride and groom got the Italian words for husband and wife and they turned out perfect. It's like a secret meaning between the two. - April

I purchased two bracelets that read "Love Always". I bought this a gift to myself and my husband. I gave him the bracelet the morning of our wedding on August 25th, 2017. To me "love always" is a reminder to always look at myself, our relationship and the world around me with love. - Michael

My daughter and I worked together to purchase a bracelet for each of her bridesmaids. I asked her to give me one word that describes each of her bridesmaids. I surprised her by asking her (soon to be) husband to give one word about her. Each woman got the bracelet on the wedding weekend and LOVED them. - Kay

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