Let's Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

On this page, you'll find important information on:

-How to Engage your Guests
-Using your Question Cards
-Stamping Depth
-Maker Night Recap

and other important links to help you host your Thanksgiving gathering!

How to Engage Guests

During our Training, we had a few questions on how to get guests of all ages and genders to engage with this activity. 

A simple way to engage everyone is to get them to think of a goal. Start by asking: What is a goal that you have? What is keeping you from that goal? What WORD will inspire you to move forward toward achieving that goal? 

For younger kids, the conversation may not be as long or deep, but remember: they have goals too. Their WORD might be something like "bicycle" or "flower" but if they have a reason as to why it's important to them, then they're already understanding the importance of intention-setting. 

If the guys aren't engaging right away, let them know that pro-athletes wear MyIntent too! Their WORDs help inspire them to work toward their goals and stay focused on what's important.

Don't worry if the guys or kids don't engage right away, we've heard many stories where the people who were quiet or most reluctant at the beginning ended up having the most compelling answers and stories by end of the night. 

Besides, once they see other people engaged and excited about their WORDs, they won't want to miss out.

Let it happen organically. Embrace the awkward silence - that's where growth begins!

Question Cards

Use the Question Card Deck that comes with your Maker Kit to initiate powerful conversations with your loved ones! 

There are many fun ways to start meaningful conversations this Thanksgiving: 

*Note: Keep an eye out for these cards (front and back) in your deck for extra tips on how to create a meaningful experience:

For more information on using your deck of Question Cards, visit this blog:

Using Your Question Cards

Stamping Depth

The surface that you stamp on has a significant impact on the stamping depth - the sturdier the surface, the deeper your letters will be.

If stamping on a table, make sure to stamp over the leg of a table for extra stability. Also, try stamping on a concrete floor or brick ledge to find your favorite surface.

Pro tip: If stamping on a table or kitchen counter, try adding a thick wooden cutting board.

Stamping Depth

Maker Night Recap

We had a wonderful Maker Training last night - thank you to all who joined!

If you couldn't make our Training this time around, don't worry! We've recorded the training session for you to review at your leisure: 

Watch the Recording


Below are links to important information, tutorials, and tips:

If you are looking for a more in-depth tutorial on how to stamp, watch it here:

How To Stamp

Allow your guests to stamp their own WORD! Download and print this Stamping Placemat for an easy guide:

Download Placemat

For a guide on how to use your Maker Kit for Thanksgiving, check out this blog:

Maker Kit Thanksgiving

How to Help Someone Find Their WORD featuring MyIntent Founder Chris Pan:

Find Their WORD

Your go-to stop for tutorials and tips on stamping, WORD-Finding, and other resources that will help you on your Maker Journey:

Maker Resource Center

Our Facebook Maker Group is a huge resource for getting advice, answering questions, and sharing Maker experiences. 

Join the conversation!

Facebook Maker Group

Thank you for being a light in your community!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With Gratitude,
The MyIntent Team