Stamping Tips

Step #1: Mindset

  • Successful stamping is all about your mindset:
    • Clear Your Mind…
    • BREATHE…
    • Be Present…
    • Stay Focused.
  • What is stamping all about?
    • It’s about your connection with the person and their intention. It’s not about perfect stamping - just like each of us is perfectly imperfect, the charm with each hand stamped token is that each is unique - they are imperfect.
      • If perfection was the goal, we would be using machines or lasers to engrave.
  • Stamping is an exercise itself in letting go of perfection, being present, listening, and empathy.



Step #2: Alignment

  • Freestyle a bit using the practice tokens included with each Maker Kit. Try some wide spacing, try some tight spacing and you’ll get a feel of how far to turn the token after each letter.
    • Note, the letter “W” is a bit wider than other letters and the letter “I” is a bit thinner, so you can adjust the spacing for these two letters.
  • For those needing some help with alignment, download this PDF template with guidelines


Click image above to download PDF guidelines


Step #3: Stamping Depth

Stamping Depth Comparison


  • Stamp on a sturdy surface
    • One of the most important factors in getting deep impressions is finding a sturdy surface.
      • For example, let’s say you’re stamping on a flimsy folding table. Each time you strike down with your hammer, the table is actually warping / bending - imagine shock waves rippling horizontally along the table. Your force is being absorbed and dissipated. On the other hand, a sturdy surface will oppose your strike and transfer the force into the token itself.
    • Best surfaces for deep letters
      • Concrete

Concrete stamping

      • Brick ledge

      • Directly over the leg or support of a sturdy table or counter-top.
      • Add a thick wooden cutting board to a table or counter-top for additional support.

cutting board

  • Don’t be afraid to stamp with INTENTION
    • It takes a little strength and courage to get deep letters. Don’t be afraid to hit the stamp with power - focus, breathe, HIT!
    • You can hit each letter more than once, just make sure to keep the stamp in place so you don’t get double letters. 
    • If you want to re-stamp a letter, just place the letter stamp against the letter you've already stamped and feel the groove. It'll "lock in" and then you can stamp again.

 Pro tip: You don’t need to hit as hard for the letter "I" to achieve the same depth as other the letters. 


Other Tips:

  • If you are afraid you might misspell a WORD, try writing the WORD out on a sheet of paper beforehand to reference back to. (Don't worry, we've all questioned whether words are really spelled a certain way while stamping!)
  • Each stamp has a letter etched into it. Make sure the letter on the stamp facing towards you. This avoids stamping upside down or sideways.
  • Before striking, focus on the top of the stamp. This will avoid missing or hitting stamp at an angle.
  • Keep your letter stamps in Alphabetical order to make it easier and faster to find your letters.


  • The need for perfection.
  • Stamping on carpet, uneven, or soft / flimsy surfaces.
  • Holding the letter stamp at the top.


I’ve learned so much wisdom and perspective about life from hearing people’s WORDs and stories.  It’s helped me through challenges. It’s taught me to trust and surrender. These are lessons that I wish I would have learned in school. I feel like it’s been my own degree in what people are really going through, way deeper than the usual small talk." - Chris, Founder, Maker.


 Find your own style - there is no right or wrong way to stamp. You're creating connection with another person, making them feel loved and heard. Embrace the moment and impact that you're about to have on another human being.