The great thing about our Question cards is there are many different ways to use them! The cards have been designed to spark conversation, to allow reflection, create open-mindedness and space for people to think about an area of their life where they could use a WORD.

 Below are a few examples of ways Question cards can be used:

 Group Settings

Virtual Conversation Starter

In your virtual meeting room, have 1 person with the cards be the host/mc/question master. Shuffle the cards, and the host will pull a card and ask the question to one person. Going around the room, each person answers the question before moving on to the next draw.

In-person Ice breaker Exercise 

Small group setting (3+ players)

Start by spreading the cards face down in a pile on the floor or table. Have each participant pick three cards from the pile. Allow time for each player to reflect on each question, either mentally or by journaling. Go around the room and have each player share one question and answer with the group.

Large group setting (15-33 participants)

Have a volunteer stand in the front entrance of the room to pass out a question card to each person as they arrive. Encourage participants to answer the question and use it as a conversation starter when meeting other participants.

Pass out questions to each participant as they enter. Once participants have all entered and received a question gather everyone up into a large circle. Move in a clockwise direction having participants introduce themselves followed by reading their question and their answer.

To help someone find their WORD (2 players)

Start by shuffling and spreading out the cards on a table. Next, each player will pick up three cards. Allow time for each player to reflect on the questions in their hand. Next, each player will choose one question card that spoke most to them and share the question and answer. The other player's job will be to listen along with asking follow-up questions to help guide them to finding their WORD. An example could look something like this:

Q: "Where have you found peace?"

A: "I find peace when I find time to read."

Q: "What would you have to do to find more time to read?"

A: "Find Balance in my life."

The person’s WORD might then be BALANCE.

 After the first player finds their WORD it will be the second player's turn. Players may repeat the process until both have chosen a WORD.

    Date Night (2 players)

    Start by shuffling the deck and placing deck into a pile in the middle of the table. Partner one will draw the first card and read the question on the card followed by either answering the question or asking partner 2 for their answer. After the first question is answered, it is partner 2s turn to draw a card and either answer or have partner one answer. Repeat the process until all questions have been answered.


    Game Night (3+ players)

    Start by spreading the cards face down in a pile on a table. Have each player pick a card from the pile. Allow time for each player to reflect on each question. Player 1 will start by reading the question out loud and either answering it or asking the player to their left to answer it. Repeat the process moving in a clockwise direction until all questions have been answered. Watch how much you can learn about one another is such a short amount of time!

     Personal Reflection

    6 Days of Reflection:  Start by separating the deck into the six categories of questions (love, dream, be me, let go, grow, serve) Choose one category each day for the next six days. Use a journal to write down your answers to each question in the category. 

    Example: Day one could be answering each question that falls under the “Love” category. Take time to pause and reflect on questions that spark more emotion than others.

    A fun way to start the day: Start by shuffling the cards. Pull one question card out each morning and write the answer in the journal. Once you are done answering all 33 questions either go back and reread your responses for more inner reflection or wait six months to see how your answers to these questions may have changed.

    A great addition to…

    Game Night
    At a Girlfriends retreat
    Date night with a new partner or significant other
    Over dinner with family and friends
    As an ice breaker in a group setting


    Question Cards are the perfect gift for…

    A newly engaged/ newlywed couples
    Stocking Stuffers