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What's Your WORD?

Get Your
Maker Kit!

Get Your Maker Kit!

Get Your
Maker Kit!

Get Your
Maker Kit!


MyIntent's mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversation & positive action.

By using their Maker Kits to stamp someone a daily reminder of their WORD, MyIntent Makers are forming deep connections & helping their communities lead more inspired lives.


○ Create powerful reminders &
inspire others to reach their goals

○ Ignite meaningful conversation

○ Deepen relationships

○ Group bonding & team building

○ Support & uplift one another


○ Gifting, Birthdays, Anniversaries

○ Dinner Parties & Gatherings

○ Team Building & Fundraising

○ Coffee Dates & Get-Togethers

○ Take on-the-go to serve others any time!

Real People.
Real Use Cases.

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