A keepsake of WORDS

Helping someone find their WORD is a meaningful way to connect with others. But, what happens afterward? To celebrate your impact, we invite you to create your own MyIntent Maker Journal.

Simply use our template below or grab your favorite journal and capture the name of the person, their WORD, and the meaning behind their WORD. Bring your journal with you every time you stamp to capture the magic of stories and the impact you are creating within your community.

Download the MAKER JOURNAL today to get started!

A message from our Founder

“I’ve learned so much wisdom and perspective about life from hearing people’s WORDs and stories.  It’s helped me through challenges. It’s taught me to trust and surrender. These are lessons that I wished I would have learned in school.  I feel like it’s been my own degree in what people are really going through, way deeper than the usual small talk.

We want to invite you to capture this magic by writing down your own experiences and reflect on how this might apply to your own life.  It’s one of the perks of putting out positivity into the world."

-Chris Pan, Founder, Maker


Don’t forget to check out some stories below to see how makers are using their kits to create positive impact.

Supporting friends through difficult times

“I've been on a cancer walk team for 10 years. None of our members live near any of the others. So when one of us got cancer we needed a way to be close to her during treatment. I had each person choose a word for her and now she has a bracelet from each one of us...to help her whichever way the day calls for. There are words of strength, compassion, silliness and wisdom. I am so grateful for the opportunity becoming a maker has given me. I can't wait for our member to receive her gifts!”

- S. Webber

An Addition to “Girls weekend”

“Girls weekend getaway with our Mom! To choose our words we spent an hour or so using the My Intent cards and had some really intense talk time! Here are the words that were chosen with brief explanations. FAMILY- 2 chose stating all went back to that. Perseverance- keep focused on what’s important. I CHOOSE JOY- self explanatory (focus on the good not the bad.) SLEEP EASY- focus on turning off the day before bed. MAKE IT COUNT- become more productive and involved in life (break electronics habit.)”

-T. Spedding

A fun activity at Church

Tonight was so much fun with my my church family! GetReal our women’s ministry got together and made @myintent bracelets. Everyone prayed about what their “word” was and stamped it on their bracelet! Each morning when your feet hit the floor what does your intent need to be! What does God want for your life, where does your focus need to be, what do you need to work on.. each persons is different but we all have one goal and that’s to be closer to Him, to love more,to reach people for Christ and be who God wants us to be! 

-A. Rowan


Connecting with High School Students

I spoke to a local high school group doing a special course on Positive Mindset. I was moved to help them come up with their “Word”. Through their lessons and our MyIntent word generator, they each chose their word of intent. What an amazing experience for all involved!!

-B. Hawkins