Team Building


"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford

Teams of all sizes use MyIntent as a tool to bond on a deeper level. It's a fun way to come together as a team to align on a shared vision, as well as hearing everyone's individual goals. Team leaders love using MyIntent to inspire and motivate their teams! 


Bringing MyIntent into your office as a team building activity or gift at the end of the year is an incredible way to show your team how much you care. If you don't have time or capacity to purchase a Maker Kit, teams have also placed group orders! Keep reading for our guide on how to bring MyIntent to your office! 


3 ways to use MyIntent with your team:
1. Stamping using a Maker Kit with your team
2. Order individual custom WORDs through our Group Order
3. Order 1 team WORD for your entire team with our Group Order 

How to use the MyIntent Maker Kit as a team bonding activity:

1. Before your meeting, send out an email on what MyIntent is, and have your team reflect on these questions to find Their WORD. This WORD can help forward them in their life an work. Feel free to include this Today Show feature about MyIntent so they have some background on the activity.

2. At the meeting, have them choose a blank bracelet. You can have team members pull questions from our Question Card deck that comes in your Maker Kit as an ice breaker. This a simple way to get the conversation started!

3. Take turns sharing your WORD, why, and have everyone take turns to share Their WORD and why. After everyone has shared, everyone can stamp Their WORD into their bracelet!

Tip: Download and print our stamping placemat to guide your team.

Choosing a Individual Custom WORDs for your Team: 

1. Ask each team member for their WORD during your 1:1 meetings. Here is our Guide to Someone to Find Their WORD.

2. Order each member Their WORD using our Group Order page.

3. During the meeting, pass out the MyIntent bracelets to each person and have everyone share Their WORD and why. Another way to share the bracelets is to lay them out on a table and have the team try and guess which WORD belongs to which team member.

Choosing a Team WORD:

1. Choose a team motto, mantra, or a WORD that represents your team's goals.

2. Order each member a bracelet with the team motto using our Group Order page.

3. During a team meeting, pass out the MyIntent pieces and have a conversation about the meaning of the team motto and how each member plays a role in achieving your team's goals.


Here are a few stories of what teams have created!

Using Your Maker Kit with Your Team

Hammering Goals

What do they want to be known for at Hacienda?

Hacienda Ford Dealership asked their team what they wanted to be known for at work, and everyone stamped Their WORD into their own bracelet!

Hacienda Ford

Ordering a Custom WORD for everyone on Your Team 

Small but Mighty Reminder

I believe in unity, equality, and acceptance for everyone.

“I manage a small but mighty team of professionals. Everyone selected a word that was meaningful to them and their focus for the year. I purchased MyIntent bracelets for each person on the team, including myself, with their own personal word. The team loved it! I wear my intent every day, and I've seen my team doing the same.”

Deb D. Wells Fargo

Kicking off the year with Intention!

Both the women and men on my team absolutely loved them!

I gave these bracelets to my team to kick off our new fiscal year, and they absolutely loved them! They truly appreciated the opportunity to not only be reminded of their own intention on a daily basis but to share each other’s. 

Michelle W.

Bringing Positivity into Mac Cosmetics

We used the MyIntent Project to motivate and engage our team for a new store opening!

“We used the MyIntent Project to motivate and engage our team for a new store opening! We talked about how all of our unique characteristics (each person’s WORD) is going to bring positivity and success to our new work environment.”

Chach R. Mac Cosmetics

Picking WORDs for peers

When things feel like they are out of control, to remember their purpose and why we need each other. 

Purchased these as gifts for my team. Before I ordered, I had each person draw a name and select the first positive word that came to mind about the peer they had drawn.

At our staff meeting, each member drew one of the bags at random. We then went around the table trying to figure out who was associated with the word. It was fun to see everyone get involved and amazing how many were quick to be labeled with certain words i.e Perfect, Hilarious, Helpful.

At the end of the exercise, I told them all that these were words chosen for them by their own peers and that when things feel like they are out of control, to remember their purpose and why we need each other. 

Story by: Julie O.
Photo by: Patricia T.

Ordering a Team WORD

Team Motto with Airbnb

I believe in unity, equality, and acceptance for everyone.

The founders of Airbnb wanted to share a unifying message with hundreds of hosts attending the Airbnb Open International Conference. They customized BELONG bracelets to give to the attendees along with message.



Don’t take our word for it. Check out examples of Makers creating successful fundraisers using their Maker Kit!

The fundraiser hit $ 3 weeks!

"In the Dominican Republic bracelet sales brought in enough funding for us to build an entire house! The proceeds from these bracelets go directly towards community projects in the country where that student traveled."

Maker Rustic Pathways 


They're selling like crazy and what an awesome witnessing tool!

"We're making them as a fundraiser for our Mexico mission team."

Maker Naomi


Mothers of 2 "Wish" recipients have continued to fundraise ...and give back to the local Make-a-Wish so that others children can be granted wishes.

"Their daughters battled leukemia and when the time came, I reached out to offer support to one of the mothers I met. I donated all of the profits."

Maker Nina


We raised $600!

"A friend asked me to do a fundraiser to raise funds for First Descents."

Maker Cheri


Fundraising for ovarian cancer, in memory of my best friend.

"Donating $5 for each teal bracelet sold."

Maker Patricia


Help Someone Find Their WORD - Our blog on how you can set yourself up for success when connecting with someone and supporting them on their intention journey.

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