WORD of the Year

How do you come up with just one WORD? Let’s consider the different areas where you might set goals: personal, relationships, finances, and health.

Use this chart and come up with some goals for each category:

Do you want to let go of the past? Be more trusting? Start a new business venture? Follow a strict workout routine?

Download this graphic, fill it out for yourself, or encourage your loved ones to find their WORD too:

Download Here


What WORD will you use as your reminder to work toward those goals? Ask yourself the following questions:

-How do you want to tackle these goals? (i.e. courageously, fearlessly, with love, with faith)

-What do you need to work through each goal? (i.e. strength, resilience, passion, perseverance, love, peace, faith)

-What will accomplishing these goals give you? (i.e. hope, peace, confidence, change)

-What would serve as a daily reminder of what you’re working toward? (you’ve got this, I am enough, dreamer, warrior, let go, breathe, be the change, I am loved, I am strong)

What's Your WORD?

Did any of your answers stand out to you? Your answer is your WORD. It will serve as a lens that focuses on what’s most important to you.

Your WORD is all yours to choose - and it is most powerful when it speaks directly to you and reminds you to work toward your goals.

If you start to notice that your goals are changing - that’s ok! The WORD you choose now does not have to be your “forever” WORD - it’s yours as long as you feel a connection with it. Once you’ve finished your journey with one WORD, you can pause to reflect on new goals and choose another WORD that resonates with you in that moment! 

For more resources to help you set intentions and find your WORD of the year, visit our New Year Resource center: