Inspiring Change: MyIntent Maker Highlight - Empowering Transformation through Bracelets

At MyIntent, we are continuously inspired by the incredible stories of individuals who utilize our products to make a positive impact in the world. Our NEW Maker Highlight series aims to share these extraordinary stories and celebrate the remarkable influence our makers have in their communities. 

In this edition, we shine a spotlight on a young girl whose unwavering passion and MyIntent bracelets helped her fund a mission trip to Panama, spreading love and opening hearts along the way.

Journey of a MyIntent Maker

This captivating story begins with a young girl who understood the power of intention and chose MyIntent bracelets as her fundraising tool for a meaningful mission trip to Panama. Each MyIntent Bracelet is adorned with a personalized intention, not only serving as beautiful accessories but also acting as a catalyst for heartfelt conversations. 

With her entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering determination, she successfully sold MyIntent bracelets, generating the necessary funds for her journey.

Impact of Community

Beyond profit, our young maker embarked on an incredible initiative, inviting individuals to sponsor bracelets for Panamanian children. Through these acts of generosity, not only did she accomplish her mission, but she also ensured that children in Panama would receive an intentional WORD of LOVE and COURAGE.

The support from sponsors made her journey possible, becoming a true testament to the kindness and compassion that lies within us all.

Upon arriving in Panama, the young maker wasted no time in using MyIntent Bracelets as conduits for conversations. It was a joyous experience as they embraced the bracelets, feeling the warmth of human connection and the power of shared intentions.

Creating Lasting Change, One Bracelet at a Time

This remarkable story exemplifies the essence of the MyIntent movement, demonstrating that each individual possesses the power to make a difference, regardless of age or circumstances. 

By utilizing MyIntent Bracelets as tools for change, this young maker not only raised funds but also created a ripple effect of positivity and goodwill. Through her dedication and passion, she showed that a small act of kindness can create a lasting impact in the lives of others.

How You Can Use MyIntent Bracelets to Make a Difference

Debbie’s story is just one example of how MyIntent bracelets can be used to make a difference in the world. Here are a few other ways you can use our bracelets to make a difference:

  • Raise money for a cause you care about. She used her bracelets to raise money for her mission trip, but you can use them to raise money for any cause you care about. Just create a custom bracelet with your cause's name or logo, and sell them to your friends, family, and community.

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  • Spread awareness about an important issue. MyIntent Bracelets are a great way to start conversations about important issues. For example, you could create a bracelet with the name of a missing person or the logo of a charity that supports a cause you care about.

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  • Show your support for a friend or loved one. MyIntent bracelets are a great way to show your support for a friend or loved one. For example, you could create a bracelet with their name or the name of their favorite sports team.

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This young girl's inspiring journey serves as a powerful reminder that we all can make a difference, no matter the scale. By sharing her story, we aim to inspire others to discover their own intentions and leverage MyIntent Bracelets as vehicles for connection, conversation, and transformation. 

No matter how you choose to use MyIntent Bracelets, we hope you'll join us in making a difference in the world. Together, let us continue to spread love, kindness, and hope, one bracelet at a time.