How to Partner with Local Yoga and Fitness Studios

With everyone setting New Year’s resolutions and goals, January is the best time to help others find their WORD. Here’s how to partner with your local yoga studios and fitness centers!

Go Where People Are Intentional!

Yoga classes often begin with the instructor asking their students to set an intention while those who attend fitness classes are often wanting to create change in their life and/or are very goal oriented. Therefore, these are the perfection locations to setup a “pop-up” table to stamp MyIntent bracelets as you’ll have a captive audience that already knows their WORD.


1. Gift The Decision Maker

Introduce yourself and let them experience the magic! Go to your local studio and ask to speak with the owner or manager. Then ask him/her for their WORD and make them a bracelet so they can experience the process.

“Hi my name is ______ and I’d love to make you a MyIntent bracelet. What’s Your WORD? What WORD do you want to remind yourself to be your best self?”

Next, make them a bracelet right away. Let them experience the magic of the process and so they understand how simple and quick the process is.

2. Explain The Partnership

Ask if they would like to have you help their members think of their WORD for 2019 and have a reminder to be their best self. If the manager needs any further explanation about the project, you can pull up and show them photos and MyIntent’s Press page with features on the Today Show, Oprah, and ExtraTV.

3. Benefits For The Studio And You

You could offer to share the revenue generated from the bracelet sales with the studio. We recommend splitting the revenue anywhere from 30-50%. If you split it 50/50 and you sell 50 bracelets at $20 each = $1,000. A 50% revenue share would mean $500 for you and $500 for the host - not bad for a few hours of stamping!

Additional benefits for the studio:

  • Help their members be their best self
  • Additional Revenue for the studio
  • Marketing opportunity for the studio to say that there’s a special “Intention setting yoga session” to drive member attendance.
  • Word-of-mouth promotion for the studio when people ask the wearer “where did you get that bracelet?” and they mention “I got it at yoga studio X or fitness center Y.”
  • Build community: members sharing about something personally meaningful and positive. You might suggest that members write their WORD and why on a post it and post it on a bulletin board in the studio for the entire community to enjoy.

4. Finding The Perfect Day To Partner

Ask if the host is having any upcoming events with a lot of people coming - often yoga studios and fitness clubs have “community day” with free classes with some community vendors.

5. Promoting The Event

Promote the upcoming partnership a week or two before the event. Share some photos of bracelets that the studio can post on their social media and email newsletters.

Work with the studio to brand the event, for example: a “MyIntent morning” or “2019 Intention Setting day.”

6. Day Of

Make sure to make a bracelet for the teachers and share with them what you are doing so they can share with the class and also help their students think of their intention during class. Right after class lets out, focus on taking orders and payment. If you can’t stamp all of the bracelets immediately, you can stamp the bracelets later and leave them at the studio for pickup when the student takes their next class. Make sure to bring some Maker cards and write the customer’s name and WORD on the card.

Want to take it to the next level and lead the intention setting exercise itself? Check out our follow-up blog on how to lead an intention setting activity.

If you aren't certified yet to sell, it's a free and quick process, details here.

Refill supplies are always available in our Maker Shop.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience working with the yoga / fitness communities, please reach out at