Setting Intentions with Erica Lippy

2022 is Coming in HOT🔥

2022 is just days away and boy - are we ready!

To help you find your WORD and achieve your goals and dreams for the New Year, we are featuring Erica Lippy, a Life + Wellness coach & podcast host of Passion Love Pursuit.

In her words:

Usually, the week before a New Year hits, I prepare myself. This is the time I’ll start to go within and reflect, release, and renew.

This year, I will probably set my biggest intention yet. Before, I didn’t have much faith in the power of manifestation - though I’ve come to understand it and embrace it over the last few years. Now I get it. We are all manifestors or we all have the ability to manifest.

Here are some steps to start with to prepare yourself to manifest all you desire in 2022:


My accomplishments in 2021 were...

My lessons I learned were...

What I am grateful for in 2021...

What did I have to let go of in 2021...

How have I grown in 2021...


What did I not accomplish that I set out to...

What setbacks did I have in 2021

Who disappointed me in 2021


(Act as if this has already come into existence)

In 2022, I am celebrating that I...

In 2022, I have learned and grown in...

In 2022, I feel...

In 2022, I am grateful for...

In 2022, I’ve let go of... 


"What is one WORD that will represent what your intention is for 2022? I always think of one WORD. This year, my WORD is (RE)IGNITE - for my inner light to shine brightly and be felt by all those around me. That I may lead with it in everything I do. I then put that word on a MyIntent bracelet to confirm I am committed to my intention.
What is your WORD for 2022?

Take the time to reflect, release, renew, and set your intention. Let 2022 be the year you manifest your desires. Enjoy the process ✍️"


Erica Lippy is a Los Angeles native, Life + Wellness Coach, Podcast Host, and the creator of Passion Love Pursuit; an intentional movement that encourages you to become your best self — living a vibrant life more passionately and purposefully.

Erica's mission is to help ambitious women become the women they are meant to be, to attract the dream life they are meant to have by mastering themselves; Mind, Body, and Actions.

Listen to MyIntent Founder, Chris, on Erica's podcast "How to Live a Life of Intention"

Live a Life of Intention

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