Embedding MyIntent into a School Community!

We love seeing how MyIntent seamlessly integrates into the culture of a school or organization. At Laddie A Decker Sound Beach School with Student Assistance Counselor (SAS) Phoebe A., they have created an integrated curriculum for their 5th Graders! Read all about how they created this special program to send off their 5th graders for years to come! 

As an SAS counselor Phoebe facilitates the school-wide classroom based social-emotional learning (SEL) program, provides individual and group counseling, and supports classroom teachers and administration. Finding MyIntent through social media, she had a light bulb moment, “Covid gave us the opportunity to really think outside the box, and I began to matrix all of the programs that I had always done, all the SEL programs, my Push ins, everything.” Since everything was different this year, she was able to secure funding for her project because she knew, “1. We weren’t spending money on the things that we always did - like field trips. And 2. I can make this a sustainable, replicable program.”

She was able to create a cross-curricular program with the Art, Language Arts, and Technology departments. Even better, the students were able to to integrate their WORD into their 5th grade moving up ceremony as they transition into middle school.

Phoebe joined us for an incredible Maker Night for the educators in our Maker Community to share how she integrated MyIntent into the entire school! Watch the video below for full details on how she did it: 

As she started to build this sustainable program for the school, she shared, “My ultimate vision is to create something that is not just a one shot deal. Something that would enable the kids to create a program that would mark the end of their 5th grade year transition into middle school. At the base of it, I wanted them to start listening to their own inner voice.”

She excitedly remembers how the kids went through the WORD Finding process, “It’s embedding into the culture and the ethos of the school. Embedded in the curriculum. We normalize the fact that it’s your word for now. Not for forever. We did the WORD Finder Quiz, and one of the students got the word SERENDIPITY. She asked, ‘What does serendipity mean?’ and I said, ‘Serendipity is like magic. It means something comes up when you least expect it, and you need to be a little bit brave and go with it.’ and she chose SERENDIPITY.”

We asked what Phoebe’s favorite aspect of this entire experience was, and she said, “I loved how easily it folded in with what we do already. How much it amped the value and what we do already. It’s icing on the cake.

Ready to create this at your school? Watch the video above to get all the details on how Phoebe worked cross curricular to develop this program! Download the WORD worksheet that Phoebe used with her students!

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