A Night to Shine

“I always knew that this little light of mine needs to shine… that even though everything I have gone through, my light isn’t completely dim. It will shine again,” shares MyIntent Maker, Claudia. 

Even in our darkest times, there is such strength in vulnerability. We are honored to share the journey of MyIntent Maker Claudia K, and how she has used her Maker Kit to forward her own journey and give back to others. 

After a serious accident, Claudia fought her way back. It was an arduous recovery that included relearning how to do things most of us take for granted. The journey tested her to the core, but through it all, she had the belief that her light would shine again. Claudia discovered MyIntent about a year and a half ago at Christmastime. She’d bought some bracelets as gifts and then purchased a Maker kit. This was promptly followed by the epiphany: “This is something that can really help me in a different way.”

After spending years at home in recovery, she wanted to find her way out of the house and back into the world. She shared, “When MyIntent came, it was a way for me to be able to get out into the community and do things for myself but also be able to interact with people.” She discovered the Tim Tebow foundation event Night to Shine. It was more than coincidence. It was meant to be. Claudia’s family had always been involved with charities helping the developmentally disabled. Hosted by churches around the world, Night to Shine is a prom night experience for people with special needs. It’s a cause dear to her heart and Claudia stamped over 300 bracelets for the children and parents attending.

Claudia eloquently describes what she does: “I hand stamp a person's WORD (intention, challenge, mantra) on a token as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action… There is purpose inside each of us, and I want my efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspirations with each other.”

Even with the experience and support Claudia has, sometimes she still gets nervous before events and with sharing her story.  “I don’t always share my story but once somebody opens up to me, I tend to open up and share mine…. I think it validates their story … how they feel and whatever they’re going through,” she revealed.

Claudia used her Maker Kit as a platform and tool for connection. It provided a reason to be with others—a focused purpose to help ease her way back into extended social interactions. And it not only benefited Claudia, she was helping others as well.

How can you give back to your community?