14 Days of Self-Love pt. 4 | Caring Action

Only a few more days left of the journey! How are you feeling? Have you had any “ah-ha” moments about yourself or about how you see the world? Have you created a kind environment in your mind? Are you bored and ready to get to some action?
Self-care is a huge concept and the internet has been exploding with what it is and how to do it. One concept for self-care we would like to share is the idea that self-care doesn’t need to be only lavish indulgences. As Mel Robbins shares, self-care can be a simple, yet powerful decision you make everyday to do something for you.
Taking daily action to show yourself love is reinforcing all of the kind and compassionate thoughts you’ve created in the last few days. This is about taking those moments for yourself, and it’s about caring enough about yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing. Mel Robbins calls it “Self-Parenting,” and this is powerful to understand that these are self-care habits that need to be practiced before it “feels good.” Imagine if we saw every chore as acts of love. Imagine that even as you drag yourself away from your cozy bed in the morning that the day can be filled with intentional actions to bring joy and gratitude into your life.
 Chore How it is Self-Care
Make healthy food choices/Exercise Taking care of your body
Tidy/Clean your space Creating freedom and joy throughout your home
Budget Investing in the future 
These last few days will be all about actions! The activities will be the spotlight and the reflection is to help you reflect on the new journey you’re taking.


Day 11

Activity - Complete a To-Do item that you’ve been putting off over and over again.

Journal prompt - How is getting this item done an act of self-love?

Day 12

Activity - Thank you body for supporting you all these years. Mindfully stretch for 5 minutes. Here is guided video, in case you'd like a little company.

Journal prompt - List 5 things you are grateful for.

Day 13

Activity - Dance to the song that makes you feel confident. A song that makes you want to strut your stuff across a room/down the sidewalk. Here is a Spotify Playlist, in case you want a little inspiration!

Journal prompt - How does it feel to move your body to the music? Where else in your life can you apply your confidence or ease?

Day 14

Activity - Celebrate yourself! This can look like a bath, getting a cupcake, going for a hike, however you feel is appropriate.

Journal prompt - What is one thing you can incorporate into your daily routine as an act of love for yourself?