Custom Twist Bracelet Awareness Edition

$ 25.00

Blue is the color of April's Autism Awareness Month and this bracelet is part of a special collection in honor of helping spread awareness and support to those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

This Twist Bracelet in Blue features a Brass Token and is made of waxed nylon with a slight shine. Your WORD will be hand engraved by our artisans in Los Angeles. All custom bracelets come attached to an artisan card (signed by the artisan who hand-stamped your bracelet) and arrive tucked inside a linen MyIntent travel pouch. 

The story you enter above will be printed on your invoice as a reminder of why you chose your WORD and is a great way to send a personalized message if the bracelet is a gift.

Customer Stories:
  • "My word is AUTISM.  My son who is 8 is on the Autism Spectrum. Every day I advocate for him in some way. I will wear this always as a reminder of the struggles as well as the "wins" we experience in our lives with Autism."
  • "My word is ACCEPTANCE.  I have two sons on the autism spectrum and April is autism awareness month. I believe that it should be autism acceptance month!"
  • "TENACITY.  I am purchasing this for my son, who has autism. He continues to strive to better himself and show others that our differences can be positives."
  • "My word is TEACH HOPE. I am a teacher for kids with autism. I want to be reminded that everyday, I have to be their bridge for HOPE. Each one of them deserves to have a brighter tomorrow."
  • "TIMES INFINITY.  My son has Autism. He did not speak for the first three years of his life. He is six now, and we never miss an opportunity to tell each other that we love each other TIMES INFINITY. He is my reason for being."

Customer Reviews

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S. Parks
Lovely bracelet

I purchased the autism awareness twist bracelet & am proud to wear this lovely bracelet in honor of my son! Great bracelet, great cause!

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