Refill - All Bracelets (33 Classic/Twist/Round)

$ 181.00

Try all 33 MyIntent bracelet styles, tokens, and colors in this variety pack. 

  • 10 Classic Bracelets (5 colors: Brass and Nickel tokens)
  • 20 Twist Bracelets (9 colors: Gold plated and Silver plated tokens + Black string, Rose Gold plated token + Black string, Black Nickel plated token)
  • 3 Round Bracelets (3 colors: Silver plated tokens)

Engrave your own MyIntent Bracelet to activate people's intentions.

The token of each bracelet is blank on the front side for you to engrave the word of intent. The back side of the token comes pre-engraved with MyIntent branding for authenticity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

My husband is a principal at a middle school that is meeting remotely during Covid. I made bracelets for all of the teachers for Christmas with the word SEEN. With students' cameras turned off and teachers working by themselves in their homes all day, it felt important to let them know that they are seen right now.

Perfect Way to Restock

I love the variety in this pack. It's a great way to restock.

Big success

I made these bracelets with my sisters-in-law’s children and grandchildren during a large family Thanksgiving gathering. Definitely a huge success! Everyone was thanking me.

Beccy Tessman
Just the right size

My 3 year old granddaughter wanted to stamp the word dream on her bracelet. (Her mom made it for her) I wasn’t sure if we could get the bracelet small enough. Well we did and it’s so cute on her! She then looks back through the bracelets and says “I make one for you nannie”. She grabbed the hammer and with adult supervision she made me a heart bracelet. Got to love little ones! 😍

Very impactful

I work at a children's hospital, and these bracelets have been so inspiring; not only to our patients, but staff as well!!! We recently purchased quite a few bracelets for an event (Mental Health Awareness) and ran out of stock in a short time. It's amazing how something so simple (engraved in a "light" moment) can be a tacit reminder when things look dark. We will definitely be refilling our order soon!!!

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