We are amazed at the creative ways Makers use MyIntent to inspire others, so we've created a special page to highlight your designs!

Prayer Beads

"Amethyst Rosary" by Deirdre H.

"Ocean Jasper Mala Prayer Beads" by Deirdre H.

"Prayer Bead Charm" by Lauren B.

"Rosary" by Yolanda C.


"Drink Marker" by Angelika S.

"Collapsable Phone Grip" by Sherri R.

"Pop Socket for Cell Phone" by Amy R.


"Journal/Planner Band Tokens" by Leighann O.


"Rose Quartz Earrings" by Deirdre H.

"Earrings" by Yolanda C.

by Janet S.

by Janet S.

by Lisa B.

"Bracelet" by Lehai V.

"Bracelet" by Jen B.


For adding holes or gluing MyIntent Tokens, click on the items below for recommended supplies:

Hole Puncher
Jewelry Glue
E6000 Glue

Thank you Makers for sharing your creativity!

Please feel free to share any new ideas with us in the future - we would love to continue to add to this page.

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