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Our What's Your WORD? process is the perfect catalyst to start meaningful conversations with your team

Girls' Night:

"As a part of my personality, I'm a sharer - my life is an open book. I wanted to give my friends something for Christmas, and I wanted to give something meaningful. That's when the idea dawned on me: I'll have a MyIntent party! My friends didn't know about the project. I told them about my journey, how I came to it, and why I wanted to share MyIntent. They thought it was so cool! Putting bracelets on each friend was so impactful. I might have been happier giving out bracelets than they were to receive. The next day, I received so many test messages filled with gratitude for sharing this amazing movement!"

Gina's Impact:

My friend had Stage 4 liver cancer, going through chemo and radiation. By God's grace, she's in remission, and she didn't choose to dwell in sadness because of her cancer. She was victorious - her word is SURVIVOR! And that is exactly who she is.

Another friend came out of a bad relationship, and she wanted to remember to love herself - her word is LOVE.

My cousin chose FAITH O FEAR - always remember that faith overcomes fear.

For them to share, to be vulnerable, and to trust me is so powerful. When I see them wearing their WORDs, it means I've shared that with them, and I'm sure they're sharing with others. The effect becomes a wave!

Vision Board Party

"I held a mini workshop, inspired by the founder Chris Pan's Ted Talk video, at a Vision Board party in Montreal! I attended as a contributor, and in the presence of amazing, like-minded women, I donated a customized bracelet to each person who attended. I wore the word COURAGE around my wrist."


The founders of Airbnb wanted to share a unifying message with hundreds of hosts attending the Airbnb Open International Conference. They customized BELONG bracelets to give to the attendees along with the following message:

To create a world where we all BELONG,
it starts with human kindness.
As a host, you practice this each & every day.
Wear this bracelet as a way of saying.
'I believe in Unity, equality, & acceptance for everyone.'
-Brian, Joe, and Nate

I wish I could do this every day!

Had my first stamping party last night with an amazing group of individuals whose stories and intentions were beyond inspiring!

It was such an honor to have an open discussion and then create a meaningful token for each person to take home!

-Erin, Ohio


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