How to: Help Mom Find Her WORD

Want to help Mom find her WORD?
Follow this step-by-step guide to uncover her WORD and surprise her with an incredible, personalized gift:

1. Ask Mom for her WORD.
Sometimes we're more comfortable being open and vulnerable when others are open and vulnerable first. Share your WORD, then prompt your Mom for hers.

“Hi Mom! Have you heard of this concept of choosing a WORD? It's a daily reminder of your goals and what you want to focus on. My WORD is 'Consistency' - I want to be more disciplined with my weekly exercises. What would yours be?"

2. Ask Questions.
If your Mom's having trouble finding her WORD, ask a few introspective questions. Some of our favorites include:

-What have you been inspired by lately?

-What fun and exciting goals are you currently working towards?

-What's something new that you've learned recently?

3. Allow Her Time for Reflection.
Sometimes choosing a WORD can be simple, while other times we need more time and space to think about it. If your Mom hasn’t figured out her WORD, invite her to think about it and follow up with her the next day.


4. Grow Together.
Committing to a WORD can be a life changing experience. Once Mom has her WORD, offer to become accountability partners and gift her
WORD as a daily reminder. Check in and ask how her WORD has impacted her and those around her!



What's Her WORD?

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