Imagine your community with more intention, compassion, kindness, patience, and love.  To maximize impact, we want our pieces to be accessible and affordable.  A major cost is getting the word out (literally).  If you help us share the power of intention with your family, friends, colleagues, teammates, and neighbors, we can pass the savings to you!

We are launching our IMPACT CIRCLE program with 30% and 50% LIFETIME discounts!

  • spend over $250 ever to receive 30% lifetime discount
  • spend over $500 ever to receive 50% lifetime discount

Once you reach these tiers, you'll automatically receive an email with your lifetime discount code that can only be used with your email address.  To check your total spend, LOGIN to your account or CREATE an account with the same email you've made purchases with.

The easiest way to achieve these tiers is to purchase a GIFT CARD.  Then you'll receive your lifetime discount code to get the savings when you use your gift card.  Meaningful gift for any occasion - birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.