Below you find 8 paths of growth. Each path is full of amazing sessions that will provide you with the tools and structure to help you become the greatest version of you.


Time to get grounded, relaxed and rested. Join us on a journey through meditation and breathing practices that guide you to peace and bliss.


Conversations to connect with your fellow community members in a safe space.


Chill, entertain and enjoy! Feel connected with DJs sets, comedians, magicians.


Let’s get moving! Invigorate your mind and body and feel alive through our assortment movement sessions. These sessions are low intensity and high fun. Get ready to feel energized, alive and refreshed.


Let the inspiration flow. Here you will learn the tools to tap into creative self with journaling and discussion practices. Bring your ideas to life by taking the time to pause, reflect and listen to yourself.


We care for you! Join us in sessions that will nourish your soul and improve your life. Sessions include: cooking, dating & relationships, parenting and more. Learn the important life skills you didn’t learn in school.


It’s recess time! Why should play be just for kids? Let go, laugh and create. Sessions include improv, songwriting, art and more.


Ready to have more impact? The purpose path is for you! Here we will be coaching you towards finding what is most important to you. Build genuine relationships, find your blindspots, unlock your power and have the resources to take care of yourself and the world.