Self-Love: Cultivating the Presence of the Divine Feminine

Know this: There lies within you… a sublime wonder, a plethora of resilience qualities; they’re all yours. These virtues are fundamental to your femininity. This class is an invitation to explore what it means to know yourself in a more quiet, subtle and spiritually empowering way. In our time together, we will bring our awareness to the hidden excellence that is signature to you. We will learn tools and practices to connect you, again and again to the moment and whatever is happening there, strengthening the connection to the Divine Feminine. The practice of doing so brings us face-to-face with our creativity, self-acceptance, empathy and compassion.


Jun 26 2020


  • Timezone: New York
  • Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Guided Experiences
Regina Louise*


Regina Louise*
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