Breathwork for Clarity

How can I find my own answers through the power of my breath?

Through this active meditation, you’ll find clarity and peace while building immunity.During this 3 -stage active breath, you’ll be shifted into an alternate state of consciousness, that will provide insights, clarity and creativity that will align with your higher self.

Through hyper-oxygenating your body through the breath and committing to a regular practice, you’ll realize no two sessions are ever the same, you’ll relieve stress, trauma and blockages that aren’t in line with your mind, body and spirit and discover your full potential. You’ll be guided on a journey back to your true self through an imagination and meditation after the breathwork itself.

Fleur’s guidance through breathwork is infused with teachings from the Masters she has sat with and learned from, including using sacred music that has a combination of sounds and tones that is backed up by scientific and mathematical research to have tremendous healing impact on the listener. The journey to unconditionally love the self, starts with the only thing we can rely on, and that’s our breath, breath is life, life is love, love is infinite. We are infinite.

For the best experience: 
– Use a computer ideally vs a cell phone.
– Use headphones
– Have space to lie down, free of distractions
– Blanket, make this cozy!
– Try not to eat at least 2 hours before taking a breathwork class.

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Jul 03 2020


  • Timezone: Toronto
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Fleur Saville


Fleur Saville
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