Refill - Tokens

$ 49.00

Handstamp your own MyIntent Token to activate people's intentions.

These tokens are blank on one side for you to engrave the word of intent and have MyIntent branding engraved on the back side for authenticity.

All tokens are made of Brass. Plated tokens include nickel, gold, silver, rose gold, and black nickel.

Resources: How to tie bracelets and knots.


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Jessica Schrier

The refill tokens are great. I love the fact that we can make our own bracelets. I love making them. I'm probably going to be ordering again soon. Also very impressed with the spools of string. I love how they fit in the tote bag.

Sandra Veitch

The tokens were just what I ordered.
Thank you.

Phyllis Dreger
Special Tokens for Special Students

I ordered tokens to take to Alaska where I was called for a Middle School Special Education substitute. I was thinking that the bracelets might be used for incentives because the teacher going on maternity leave told me that she was having difficulty getting students to complete assignments. I didn't have the issue, however, I saw another need. This one was a social/emotional need. By letting students talk to me individually, they opened up at times. I gave them the opportunity to find their word. I quietly wrote the word and their name on a piece of paper, then made the bracelets in the evening and made a small paper packet as wrapping. I secretly gave the bracelet to each student. So far, I have seen some grumpy students giving me secret smiles and becoming more cooperative. It is like a secret code. A magical one.

Valerie Phillips
Love my Word

My friends have loved the bracelets I have gifted them! I've also been enjoying making them with a variety of friends. It's a great way to come together and socialize!

Jennifer Lewis
Classroom full of words

Every year, I do a lesson on choosing and living your word for the year with my 3rd grade students. We explore words and let them become our one word for the year. How can we live this word at home, at school/academically and then self and socially.
After the kiddos have chosen their word, I use the kit to create a bracelet with their own words for them. A great reminder of their chosen word they are living for the year.
Love the ease of the product and how they turn out.

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