The Inner Gym Book

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The Inner Gym by Light Watkins is an inner workout to strengthen your "inner muscles." This book is ideal for anyone looking for a structured way to incorporate simple life-habits that have been proven to have a profound impact on your state of happiness.

Grab a bracelet or necklace bundle to put your learning into practice. Each bundle comes with bracelets or necklaces that correspond to each chapter's lesson and serves as a reminder to put your intention into practice.

Bundles include the following tokens either on bracelets or necklaces:

  • GIVE

A 30-day workout for strengthening Happiness 

One of the biggest myths in our society is that you can simply choose to be happy whenever you want, even in spite of challenging circumstances. Or, that happiness is a byproduct of making more money, falling in love, or being successful. But modern research says this is an illusion. Happiness is not sustained through achievements. Rather, it is the result of having strong “inner” muscles. Part story book and part workbook, The Inner Gym is broken down into six easy inner exercises, one per chapter. The chapters are short, to the point, and each comes with instructions for practicing the inner exercise for a few days before proceeding on to the next one — such as how to meditate in the easiest way for only five to ten minutes a day.


Light Watkins has been operating in the meditation space since 1998, first as a practitioner, then as an apprentice to his Vedic Meditation teacher, and finally as a teacher himself. He's currently nomading around the world giving talks on happiness, mindfulness, inspiration, and meditation, as well as leading popular meditation trainings and retreats. 



Customer Reviews

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Mary Allan
Where can I purchase Phase 2??

These routines have become habit for me each morning, and I would love to find the follow-up book, which I sincerely hope exists! Thank You!

Cathrine Mincheski
2020 Vision

My New Years resolution this year is total wellness. This book fits into that vision perfectly. I'm enjoying it and the words give it that little extra incentive that is so needed sometimes in a negative world.

Heidi Kraemer
Actionable advice!

A wonderful book filled with simple actions to help get you started as well as to help you sustain new habits. I enjoyed the pace of book. It will be one I revisit many times.

Barb M.
Book Review

I thought the book had some good ways of explaining common ideas. I like the physical and mental components.


Excellent book and the words are helpful reminders to stay on the path I’m choosing

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