Refill - Spool of String

$ 10.00

Spools contain either 100 meters (3,937 inches) or 160 meters (6,299 inches) of 1mm string.

  • Polyester String is used for adjustable bracelets like the Classic and Twist style.  

 A Classic bracelet uses approximately 39 inches of polyester string = roughly 100 bracelets per 100m spool or 161 bracelets per 160m spool.

A Tie-On bracelet uses approximately 30 inches of cotton string = roughly 131 bracelets per 100m spool  or 209 bracelets per 160m spool.

 Instructions on how to tie various bracelets and knots.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Tressie Farley
Refill spool

I love the red nylon and the red polyester. They are both beautiful. I haven’t worked with them yet to know if I love their workability, but they seem to have good flexibility—not too stiff.

Debra Edington
Spools of string

Getting “hooked” on making these!!! Learning how to make the actual bracelets!! Great idea and so glad I found it on Facebook!!!

Victoria Sousa
💯 satisfied!!

Love the products! My favorites are the black and rose gold tokens!! And btw, the bracelet I wear says, “Dreamer”

Angel Share Gifts
Spool of String

Pretty Red! goes perfect with gunmetal tokens.

Elizabeth Walker
Great Cord

I like this cord a lot as it is easy to work with for making adjustable bracelets. I bought 3 different colors and like the choice.

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