How to Change the Top 5 Resolutions into Intentions

Each new year brings the "New Year, New Me" mentality, but our motivation to keep our resolutions fizzles out by February. So, how do we take the great qualities of resolutions and create longevity in accomplishing all of our goals? We've created a step by step guide on how to create an intention from your resolution.

These are the top 5 resolutions made every year: 

  1. I want to be healthier
  2. I want to practice self-care
  3. I want to save up for vacation
  4. I want to read 1 new book a month
  5. I want to read learn a new skill or hobby

    Resolution 1: "I want to be healthier"

    Whether it’s losing weight or getting fit, one of the most difficult parts to this goal is having the discipline to keep going. Maybe choosing to be healthier is also choosing to make the difficult choices that will benefit you in the long run. Before getting caught up in "how" to do it, first ask yourself "why" you want to be healthier? What is stopping you from being healthier?

    - Is Your WORD: ENERGY? Do you wish to have ENERGY to spend with your loved ones? Is it important for you to feel energized at the end of each day?
    - Is Your WORD: DISCIPLINE? Is the hardest part is just getting out the door? How will you feel after you go for the run or say yes to the healthier option, knowing you exercised DISCIPLINE for a greater purpose?

    Resolution 2: "I want to practice self-care"

    In our world today, we are constantly “plugged in.” We are bombarded with images of other people’s lives, perfect vacations, and who we “should be.” Sometimes the best medicine is to slow down, reflect, and do you. Why do you want to cultivate your own self care habits? What obstacle will you overcome to create your own self care habits?

    - Is Your WORD: ENOUGH? Is practicing self-care a good reminder that YOU ARE ENOUGH?
    - Is Your WORD: BALANCE? Is it about finding time to unplug and finding a little bit of BALANCE?


    Resolution 3: "I want to save up for a vacation"

    Finances are a tricky topic, especially when it comes to saving up for a big reward. Spending money gives us that temporary thrill of getting a treat, but it can ultimately leave us wanting more. What is preventing you from saving up for your vacation? 

    - Is Your WORD: ADVENTURE? Will holding the intention of ADVENTURE help you stay on the path of saving up money especially when buying a new item is just within reach?
    - Is Your WORD: BOUNDARIES? Is the most difficult part of saving money saying no when people ask you to go out for dinner or coffee? Is there a creative way to spend time together without spending money?

    Resolution 4: "I want to read 1 new book a month"

    One of the best ways to travel through time or space, to get a glimpse into the lives of our idols, or to learn about ourselves: books. Why do you want to read more books? What is keeping you from reading more?

    - Is Your WORD: CALM? Are you looking for CALM and quiet with your book after a long day?
    - Is Your WORD: INSPIRATION? Is inspiration the source of why you want to read more? How can you find inspiration in and outside the pages of a book? 


    Resolution 5: "I want to learn a new skill or hobby"

    Learning a new skill is fun! It's exciting, different and it brings joy. Sometimes we want to try new things so we can do it with a friend. Sometimes it's because it's something we've always wanted to try, but there was never time or opportunity. This journey is not without it's difficult moments, why do you want embark on this new journey? What is stopping you from learning a new skill or hobby right now?

    -Is Your WORD: CURIOSITY? Does CURIOSITY drive why you want to learn something new?
    -Is Your WORD: YOU GOT THIS? Sometimes we are waiting for permission to flex our creativity. Maybe a simple reminder that the only permission you need is from YOU! 

    Studies show that understanding your ‘why’ and creating a reminder can increase the success rate of achieving your goals. So, what doors of possibility will you open with your intention this year? To help you find your WORD for 2020, we invite you to take our WORD Finder quiz!