We love seeing parents and kids share in their passion for MyIntent and being MyIntent Makers. We want to share Meg and Ben’s story as mother and son embarking on this journey together. Read their story and fun lessons learned along the way!

“We bought the kit because we had two important moments that we thought it would be perfect for - Ben's 11th birthday as both party favors and an activity for the kids, and then for Thanksgiving as a way to get to know our family better,” shares Meg.

For Ben, making bracelets is special because, “I love making them because they are made by me and are like when you make homemade cookies.”

At Ben’s birthday party with three of his closest friends, Ben chose CREATE because, “I love making things.” One of these 11-year-old boys chose the word FAMILY. And one friend gave Meg “a perfect reminder to see the humor in life sometimes” with the WORD they chose. Meg shares, “Another boy looked like he gave it a lot of thought - very pensive look for quite a bit. Then he proclaims ‘I've chosen my word. It's BACON.’ I laughed. He said, completely unapologetically, ‘Yup! It's really important to me and my favorite thing on earth!’”

Sometimes finding a WORD for those we are closest to is a reflective exercise. Meg tells the story of finding the WORDs for her mom and sister. “They asked me to think of a WORD for them and make them each a bracelet. It was a really special process because I had some initial thoughts on their WORDs, but I let it stew for a few days, and my thoughts evolved and my reasons for choosing shifted as I kept thinking about their essence. The words I landed on for them came after several days of reflection into their character, what drives them, what their passions are ROOTS and TRUST.” 

One of our favorite lessons Meg shared with us is the story of her WORD - ENOUGH. “My entire life, I've had a reoccurring limiting belief that I'm not 'enough’ just to be me without performing or delivering something of value. Just me, by myself. Am I enough? Finally, in my 40s, I'm learning how to be ok with 'just being me' and that I am ENOUGH. The reminder of the bracelet is comforting and empowering.” 

Meg’s Maker Pro-Tip: Just to use the practice tokens as much as you want before doing it on your final product.  

Feeling inspired?

Here are some awesome ways other Makers have used their Kit for every occasion! 

Mother-Daughter Bonding 

Quality time with our loved ones is precious, and we are so honored to highlight two sets of inspiring mother-daughter Makers. When Mckenna and Nichole, and our other fabulous duo, Kylie and Amy, purchased MyIntent Maker kits, they didn’t realize how much their relationships would deepen.


MyIntent Makers LOVE using their Maker Kit as a team building tool with their troops because it is a fun way to connect, learn, and grow with the youth! Amazing troop leaders have used their Maker Kits as a fundraiser, gifts, community service, and so many more!

Girlfriend's Weekend

There are moments when we find something that magically fits who we are and our purpose in life. Gina G. is a powerful and giving Maker creating waves and spreading her passion in all parts of her life.