Mindful Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! In the frenzy of planning out the family get together, Friendsgiving, or making an epic Thanksgiving feast, we wanted to slow down and share how our Makers have created a beautiful Thanksgiving tradition with their Maker Kits.
In Their Own WORDs:

Smash Hit!
I ordered the My Intent kit for our Thanksgiving celebration with my and my sisters' families. I emailed everyone beforehand with the Today Show feature and told them to think about Their WORD. It was such a great experience that I ordered more bracelets the next day. We plan to bring the kit to our Christmas celebration with my husbands family...all 30 of them!
- Jennifer S.

Peace and Healing
I’m going to use the MyIntent Maker Kit to bring my family some much needed PEACE and, more importantly, bring us back together as the family we were made to be. We unfortunately have had some difficulties over the past almost 2 years within our family which has sadly divided us in unimaginable, and very painful, ways. I hope and pray using this new tradition will be the bridge that connects our family once again!
- Amy P.

From Work Retreat to Family Gatherings
I bought my starter kit for a work retreat and my team enjoyed setting their intention for the year so much. Super fun activity after a long day of meetings and work. Great team building activity, and we learned so much about each other. I decided to bring it to our family Thanksgiving activity and my family had so much fun they asked me to bring my kit to Christmas Eve. I looked for replacement tokens and several local and national craft stores but the quality of other brands is so much lower than MyIntent. I originally bought the starter set on a whim, and it has turned out to be much more that I expected.
- Heidi S.

Learning New Things about Old Family Members
I purchased a Maker Kit for Thanksgiving thinking it would be a terrific way to get my family talking on a deeper level. It was amazing! The conversation cards got everyone sharing sweet, funny and thought provoking memories and stories, including one my mother in law told us about meeting Oprah that NONE of us knew about! Making the bracelets is easy, and everyone left feeling very loved and listened to—I HIGHLY recommend this idea to anyone wanting deeper connections!
- Sara H.

Gratitude with a BIG Family
We used this as an activity with our family on Thanksgiving. It was so much fun getting to discuss our words and why we picked them. I helped make almost 30 bracelets that day.
- Elizabeth D.

Close to Even Closer
I ordered the maker kit and wanted to make a "take away" for everyone (35 people) at our Thanksgiving. It was such a privilege to have these conversations with my family and closest friends. We shared and learned a lot about each other, which is amazing considering we are so close and feel like we know each other well, but this gave is an even deeper insight into one another. We have been talking about the project ever since. The kids even loved it! Everyone was raving about it and felt it was such a wonderful idea. Highly recommend! The items are great quality as well.
- Stefanie H.

Something New
I am SO excited to start this as a new tradition this Thanksgiving. I am sending some pre-work materials to all the guests ahead of time to “get them thinking.” Then we are going to have a "What’s Your WORD?" session before the meal and I am going to make everyone’s bracelets after the dinner. So excited to start this!
- Jackie M.

Feeling inspired? Start a new tradition this year with our Maker Kit!