PICTURE THIS: It’s January, and we have a whole year ahead of us.  

2020 has been a trial for most of us with new changes happening every month. It's the perfect time to take a moment to honor the good that came out of last year, even with all of the lessons learned, and to create a path forward into the new year! 

This is our guide to shake out the old, let go of hasn't worked, and set your intentions for 2021!  


Before we DO anything, it’s important to reflect, to acknowledge the progress that’s been made, and to come from a place of self-compassion versus guilt or shame. It’s important to remember the feeling of accomplishment as opposed to the feeling of falling off the path. However your last year looked like, it is important to see the progress you've made because despite all of the challenges, YOU DID IT! 

Start with these 4 journal prompts:

1. What are 5 moments from 2020 that have made you proud? This can be your mentality, attitude, emotional state, or what you’ve accomplished.
2. What are 10 moments from 2020 that you are grateful for?  
3. What was the greatest challenge you faced in 2020? What lesson did you learn from it?
4. What feeling do you want to incorporate into your daily life? 

By answering these questions, you’ve begun to create a new path, a new mentality. Awareness grants you the ability to notice your pattern and create a new one. Acknowledging the progress you've made is crucial knowing there you are in your journey at this moment. The path may not be linear, and that's ok! It's important to celebrate all that has been done up to this point in order to keep going. 


With this awareness, we can find our WHY. Answer the journal prompts below to clearly see the future you’re striving to create. When you can see what you want, the path to get there also becomes clear:

1. What are all of the things that light you up, motivate you, and energize you? If you could put them all in a day, what would that day look like?
2. How would you integrate the lesson you learned last year into this upcoming year?
3. Where do you want to place your focus in 2021?
4. Write a letter to your future self to open on January 1, 2022. Fill this letter with anything you'd like to let your future self know. 

Research from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation compares “‘people who went to the gym with people who carried out virtual workouts in their heads.’ They found a 30% muscle increase in the group who went to the gym. However, the group of participants who conducted mental exercises of the weight training increased muscle strength by almost half as much (13.5%). This average remained for three months following the mental training.” Half the battle is mental! If we can see it, we can achieve it!

In the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, he says that the moment you visualize your future, your identity has shifted, and the systems that you create will then support this new identity. The habits and activities that we commit to are not set to change who we are, but to support the person we’re becoming. For example, if you choose to run a marathon, the moment you visualize yourself crossing the finish line, you are a runner. You are not a person trying to run and using the marathon as a proving ground.

You are already the person living in the world you visualized. YOU GOT THIS!

So, with your vision for the future clear and ready….

What’s Your WORD?


Finding your WORD is an integral part of aligning your priorities for the upcoming year. Throughout the year, you may find that your priorities change, and that's ok! This means that you are making progress on your goals. Continue to check in with yourself and your goals every few months to see if your WORD still resonates with you. Here are some journal prompts to help you find your WORD for 2021: 

1. What are some WORDs that come to mind that would remind you of where you want to place your focus in 2021? 
2. From the list of WORDs you just created, what is the one WORD that will help you prioritize the actions you'll start taking today? 
3. How will your WORD help you to achieve your goals this year?


After seeing, feeling, and knowing the future you want to create for the person you are, it’s now time to recommit to your actions. The key is CONSISTENCY. Maybe it’s not one big change, but one small change that you practice every day. James Clear writes, “Can one tiny change transform your life? It’s unlikely you would say so. But what if you made another? And another? And another? At some point, you will have to admit that your life was transformed by one small change. The holy grail of habit change is not a single 1 percent improvement, but a thousand of them.

1. How can your WORD help you to achieve your goals this year?
2. What is one small step that you take to integrate the lesson that you learned from 2020?
3. What is stopping you from starting?

We’ve also created a worksheet that you can come back, remember your WHY, and track your progress!

Let the gems that have been created from the pressure of 2020 shine in 2021! Create a new MyIntent reminder to keep you on track with Your WORD!