5 ways to stay connected during COVID this Holiday season 

With the upcoming holiday season, staying connected is more important than ever. According to SmartBrief, “Connection is also a “superpower” that, as the neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman says, makes human beings smarter, happier and more productive.” Here are 5 ways to continue to stay connected and have meaningful conversations with friends and family this holiday season!   

Virtual Game Night  

Technology is a beautiful tool during this time! Many people have access to a smartphone or device that can download apps, we're taking family game night virtually. We recommend House Party for a fun catalog of games where you can play and see each other in real time. If House Party isn't for you, there are so many apps that your friends and family can choose to play on!

If you’re looking for a meaningful family zoom night, our 33 meaningful question cards can help create a space for in-depth conversations that you would never think to ask your family. Simply take turns answering the questions and see what stories unfold!

Zoom Christmas Dinner Party

We are taking the virtual dinner up a notch! If you are used to sitting down and having a family zoom dinner or friend group dinner once a month or every other week, try this! Each week choose 1 person to share a recipe, it can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like, and have everyone try to create the same recipe! The stories that come out of it will be priceless! You can share the same playlist so everyone is listening to the same songs during your virtual Christmas party.

Watch Party for Movies and Shows

Watch your Holiday Classics on Netflix party! It is a web browser extension that allows you and your friends to stream movies and shows at the same time and chat with each other during the movie! Facebook and Amazon Video also has "watch party" capabilities! 

Weekly check ins - share an intention for the week  

Having a weekly check in with your favorite people can set up your week mindfully, encourage each other to create new spaces, and bring mindfulness to the routine of everyday life. Set an intention with each other, establish a new habit, or break an old one, and share the lessons you're learning week to week.

Create tangible reminders for your group with our Maker Kit or group order. We love the idea that even as we are so far away from each other, you can look down at your wrist and remember that you’re not alone. You can gift these bracelets attached to your Holiday Card

Group Workouts  

With all of the sweets and eggnog can leave you feeling a little heavier around this time of year. Try a new tradition with a loved one by working out together virtually! Make a weekly date to do an online workout together. Working out at home is not the best motivator, but this will create something fun to do with your friend! Most studios are offering online video classes for an affordable price!

No matter how you choose to connect with your loved ones during this time, it is important to create loving memories! How are you keeping up with your friends and family? Have you created any new rituals? 

Feeling inspired?

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