Intentional Living Movement

MyIntent is a movement making self-care and inner work exciting, enjoyable, and accessible for all.  We create experiences, products, and tools to guide us to reconnect with our hearts and live with intention.


Our mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive actions.

We believe that:

  • Inner education is our birthright and essential as the foundation for a harmonious planet.  
  • Inner fitness is as crucial for our spirit as physical fitness is for our body.  
  • Mental hygiene will become as commonplace as dental hygiene.
  • The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our questions, therefore, we embrace life’s big questions to uncover truth and purpose inside each of us.  
  • The foundation of inner work lies in reflection and setting intentions.


We are the change we want to see by:

  • Curating transformational learning experiences that provide safe space for the participants to “do the work,” free from jargon so everyone can understand, and is fun and enjoyable!
  • Creating easy-to-use, stylish, and accessible physical products to live intentionally. 
  • Developing new technology to connect us globally to share our challenges, encouragement, discoveries, inspiration, and breakthroughs.
  • Removing barriers of:
    • Distance via technology (e.g., ZOOM)
    • Cost for our experiences via funding from our product sales and donations
    • Stigma through storytelling, showing scientific proof, and partnering with influencers
  • Building a global network of Inner Warriors to bring this wisdom to our neighbors and neighborhoods.
  • Leading our generation to live with intention, bringing harmony and inclusiveness to our society, and healing our planet through mindful consumption.


Join Us!

  • Learn and build your inner superpowers at our fun LIVE Sessions led by inspiring guides, which are all FREE and throughout the day.
    • Invite your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors to join too!
  • Wear and use our tools to help you stay on track:
    • Bracelets or necklaces as a daily reminder of your WORD
    • Question Cards to help you and others find your intention
    • Maker Kit to make pieces for your community
    • Your purchases fund our LIVE Sessions


Est. 2013 – Founder Chris Pan

Order Your Word

Create a powerful REMINDER of your intention on a stylish bracelet or necklace to stay on track to your goal. This token represents a COMMITMENT to your dreams and being the change you want to see. Makes for a MEANINGFUL GIFT to inspire others to live intentionally.

Live Your Word

Inspiring and interactive virtual SESSIONS guided by master coaches. LIVE experiences throughout the day where we learn, train, and support each other.  Eight intentional paths guide you to Calm, Energy, Inspire, Purpose, Nurture, Play, Discovery, and Community. All FREE over ZOOM!